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Weight Loss: Facts Vs. Myths

on March 9, 2013

What really is the truth about weight loss? When you are offered millions of ads and plugs every day, what should you believe in? When every writer wants to be your friend, whom should you trust?

It’s easy to say you can lose weight by limiting your food intake, by spending hours in the gym or by playing soccer every afternoon.

That’s a cliché. Sticking to what you think might make you lose weight is the challenge. More than that, you are offered with facts that you barely understood and myths which are easier to take in. That’s when frustrations start to build up – when what you read and try don’t work as they should.

So what should you do? Learn the basics of deciphering which of what you are offered is true and which are not.


No, it’s not an unhealthy obsession. It is a routine which can certainly tone you down by a few inches or so.

According to a study conducted by the National Weight Control Registry, most of the 3500 individuals who lost more or less 60 pounds a year weigh themselves on a regular basis. According to experts, weighing-in routines serve as a warning system to keep weight gain at bay.


It is true that when you engage in aerobic exercises you lose more fat. The thing is, the height of this calorie burning strategy ends almost right after you’re done with the program.

Weight lifting or muscle strength training, on the other hand, keeps your metabolism going for a long period of time.


Raw almonds in a glass bowl on black background. Close-up.Eating 70 pieces of almonds on a regular basis can help you thin out. A study conducted in the City of Hope National Medical Center showed that a number of people who engaged in snacks with almonds for 6 months coupled with a low-calorie diet lost 18% of their weight.

What makes almonds so special? These foods are rich in protein, monosaturated fat and fiber that keep you full most of the time for longer periods of time. Eat about 15-20 almonds for a snack and about 50 as a total meal replacement.


It’s certainly not the brightest trick in the book. It may work at some point, but it isn’t always advisable. When you try to cut back on the calories that you should take in, the body goes into a mode where it has to conserve energy.

This slows down metabolism and decreases your chances of slimming down. It’s not about cutting down all of what you eat; it’s about limiting a little of this and that.

According to a research, men who lost about ½ pound a week took 25% of their calories from fat and the rest from all other types of foods. That can work out to some who can’t seem to avoid eating.

Boy Talk: Toying with Penis Extenders

on February 27, 2013

Male enhancement is a craze that male consumers would want to get a taste of. And that includes you. Male concerns about sex and penis size aren’t very much open for everybody but they aren’t issues which lie dormant as well.

As a matter of fact, many companies are investing on the male enhancement industry. Why? It’s because male consumers do buy these male enhancing products in whatever form they might present.

That’s reality! Though you might find contentment on the size of what you have, some seek improvements. And mind you, it isn’t the adults alone who think they need ‘size-help’.

Your Options

The market is an arena of battling products. Everybody wants to be your perfect resolution. But not everything may work according to your plans. Some might not even work for you at all. Remember that you are unique and what might work for him, might not entirely work for you.

Nevertheless, it’s an investment to know what you’re up against in the market.

  • Oral Pills and Supplements. If you want your penis to extend inches more without having to resort to physical work out, you can consider buying pills, dietary supplements and drinks. These enhancers work by either increasing blood flow to reproductive organ or stimulating the up-regulation of your hormones. Most of these products are composed of herbal and organic ingredients. Some, on the other hand, are real time medications taken for another purpose.

Viagra is a therapeutic drug used to treat pulmonary hypertension primarily. It wasn’t long since its release that male clients using this medication experienced an improvement in manhood size and sexual performance.

This is secondary to the vasodilation capabilities of the drug. The first releases brought consumers into a purchase craze. However, when incidences of heart attack occurred to some clients (usually with underlying cardiac problems) using Viagra, the frenzy died down.

  • penis pumpPumps and Vacuums. These mechanical devices were developed earlier that Viagra was. These products are cylindrical devices in which you put your penis into. The rubber-sealed end provides a one-way pressure system such that when you pull the handle or the trigger, air is sucked out in a direction away from your body. As this occurs, blood is simultaneously sucked into the penile shaft. The result, then, is an increase in your penile length.
  • Phalloplasty. This surgical procedure is one of the most common cosmetic procedures sought to remedy penis size issues. What happens is that the surgeon creates small incisions on the penis. He or she will then remove some of the ligaments that suspend or attach your penis to the pubic bone. When thoroughly removed, the penis is extended further.

Grafting is another option. It makes use of either skin or fat grafts to make a better looking manhood.

Surgery, though, isn’t widely recommended even by experts themselves. Though it can guarantee permanent lengthening, there are claims and studies that it can frustratingly impair sensation or be a cause of impotence in the end.

Electronic Cigarette – Knowing the Facts

on February 17, 2013

There are so many men and women, millions even, all over the planet that have an unhealthy addiction to cigarette smoking. It’s something that people would find nearly impossible to get over, with it eventually taking over the best of them.

The reason for this is the presence of nicotine in these cigarettes, which can be quite addicting. However, this isn’t to say that smoking cannot be given up.

The truth is that there’s always hope for every smoker out there, and addiction is something that can always be overcome. All that a person needs to stop smoking in the most effective manner is to avail of an electronic cigarette.

This is a device that can simply help individuals trying to quit smoking control their addiction. The even better thing to discover is that this device is actually quite safe and proves to be the healthiest option for people to live their lives without cigarette smoking.

One shouldn’t expect to immediately quit smoking with these devices, although it’s proven to be a great alternative, and have even led long time smokers to finally kick the habit.

There are a lot of these devices being sold, whether at the local stores or even on the Internet. For those people who are quite interested in these devices, perhaps it would be great to do a bit of research on them.

Below are some facts regarding electronic cigs.

  1. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated, and can actually vaporize liquid nicotine that fills up the different cartridges necessary to make the device fully functional. It is vaporized through a certain section of the e-cig, which is the atomizer. The liquid would be converted into vapor which one would then exhale in the form of a colorless, odorless puff of “smoke” that can simply vanish in the air. What’s great about the cartridges is that there are so many flavors to choose from.
  2. For people who have been smoking cigarettes for a very long time, one should actually resort to this device. Of course, the most viable option is to choose cartridges which have High nicotine content. These are used in order to allow regular smokers to adjust easily to e-cigs, and eventually if they wish to slow down, they can simply cut down on the nicotine levels, choosing milder cartridges. This is a really effective cessation device that can help people start taking more control over their addiction. In the end, they will gain confidence to finally quit smoking real tobacco permanently.
  3. use e-cigs anywhereAnother great thing about the e-cig is the fact that people can simply use them anywhere they want, anytime. Since these don’t emit actual cigarette smoke, one can use e-cigs in restaurants, offices or other public establishments. People can also live rather comfortably know that they won’t have to put their friends and loved ones at the risk of inhaling second hand smoke.

These are the very reasons why an electronic cigarette proves to be highly useful in helping people stop smoking in the long run.

Benefits of Using Male Enhancement Pills

on February 7, 2013

It can be pretty difficult for couples to maintain the intimacy required in every relationship when the main problem stems from a lack of bedroom antics.

Sex is pretty much essential for couples to express their physical love for each other, but there are times when a man gets to experience a lack of sexual urge.

They may feel like their penis isn’t up to par with their partner’s expectations when it comes to size, or they may even find it difficult to maintain an erection. These are just some of the factors which can cause men to fail with regard to physical expression of passion in their relationships.

The mere fact that a lot of men are often viewed as the aggressors and initiators doesn’t help matters as well. There’s simply a lot of pressure placed on them, which is why many guys have taken it upon themselves to make use of male enhancement.

When it comes to such a topic, pills are often the most availed-of method of treatment.

There are a lot of sexual enhancement pills being sold in the market these days, and males everywhere are simply looking to improve their sex lives as well as experience a significant increase in penile size.

Besides, there’s nothing more embarrassing to them than to hold their erection when engaged in the act. These pills are often infused with herbal ingredients, which make them natural supplements for such matters.

Below are some additional facts to look into.

  • male enhancement pillsThese pills have long been compared with multivitamins in the sense that people will most likely find them in abundance all over the market. In the same way as multivitamins, they can also serve as dietary supplementation which can lead to a string of health benefits as well. This includes the improvement of blood circulation in the body, increased libido, energy boosts as well as more production of testosterone.
  • The ingredients found in these pills are selected carefully by medical researchers of these companies so as to improve a man’s sexual ability and penis size too. Many of these ingredients can actually increase the size of the blood vessels in the penis, thus accommodating better flow of blood which can lead to prolonged and much harder erections. Also, increased sperm production is to be expected with the use of these pills.
  • Of course, the best thing about these supplements is the complete elimination of a man’s insecurity when it comes to how good he can perform in bed and how big his penis is. There’s nothing more demoralizing to men than to be laughed at or ridiculed for any sexual incapacities, and these pills can certainly rectify those issues with much efficiency.
  • Male enhancement pills are definitely helpful to any man who wishes to improve his sex life. However, they’d have to bring up their decisions to avail of such with a physician so as to ensure no possible health complications may arise.

4 Different Causes for Low Sperm Count in Men

on January 28, 2013

The problem with today’s males is that they often indulge in a variety of vices and lifestyle habits which are very unhealthy. This can have a huge overall impact on their body, leading them to experience many kinds of deficiencies.

This includes infertility, which happens to be one of the biggest concerns among males these days. There’s no doubt that men would want to have families of their own someday, and having low sperm count simply prevents this from happening.

For the eternally single, specifically bachelors, they’d want to ensure maximum sexual excitement during orgasms with a healthy amount of ejaculate. Not only would this turn them on, but their partners as well.

Therefore, a lot of guys have gone to great lengths just to resolve this issue with a variety of products ranging from pills to pumps.

These products have certainly made a lot of men quite happy, since they’d be able to produce enough sperm to allow their wives and girlfriends to become pregnant.

They would also experience powerful orgasms that would certainly lead to a ton of excitement in the bedroom. Back in the old times, the women are to be blamed.

  • There are some cases in which sperm production is hampered, along with sperm health, due to the presence of infections in the male genitalia. These may refer to some sexually transmitted diseases that result from a promiscuous lifestyle and even poor hygiene with regard to cleanliness of the male organ.
  • Some men get to experience hormonal imbalances, much like women, especially when stress becomes way too apparent in their lives. Because of stressful situations, they would hardly be in the mood to have sex, and when they force the situation, the end results are low amount of ejaculate. There’s also the matter of low testosterone count, which can surely affect how much sperm a man gets to ejaculate during sex.
  • Being exposed to a lot of harmful chemicals can certainly influence a man’s overall health, including how much sperm he produces. Breathing in pesticides, paint and even lead can cause a man to experience a decrease in his sperm count. Therefore, it is necessary to wear face masks and protective gear, especially if such compounds are dealt with in the work place.
  • tight underwearA lot of men often wear highly tight underwear as a way of ensuring that they don’t experience any awkward situations in public. However, what they don’t realize is that this tightness can cause temperatures to rise in the genitals. When the testicles are exposed to warm environments, the production of sperm will be decreased. Of course, this is something which can also happen if a person sits for very long periods of time, placing a laptop on their lap or even going to spas a lot more than they ought to.

These are just 4 of the many reasons as to why low sperm count is experienced by a lot of men in the world.

Knowing More About Men and Weight Loss

on September 13, 2012

Weight loss isn’t a thing for females alone. Weight loss is a worldwide concern that affects not only women or Americans or teenagers. It is an issue for everyone regardless of race, religion, age or sex. Men are as worried about their weight as women are.

The thing is; the female group is more likely to complain and visibly present themselves as worried consumers. Men, all the same, worry about how they look particularly on how big they are.

All the more the campaign for better and fitter individuals adds heat to the increasing demand to look good, feel good and weigh less. That’s the reason why you hit the gym, right?

Weight Loss Program for Men

There is no specific weight loss program which caters men alone. Weight loss protocols involve a wide range of strategies that institutes lifestyle modifications into daily routines.

If you want to lose weight, you need to tamper on 3 aspects – diet, exercise and mindset. It might seem easy, but it isn’t a day’s work.

What it takes is consistence and discipline. Many fail because of one minor setback – frustration.

Understanding Diet

  • Diet isn’t starving. Diet isn’t missing meals. Diet isn’t intentionally skipping meals.

Diet, by its true definition, is the actual meal that you are taking at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is the food that you are serving yourself with at a specific time.

For weight loss to work, it needs to be complemented with a good diet. And yes, it all goes back to basics – the food pyramid.

Eating more vegetables and fruits (which are high in complex carbohydrates – easy to digest, hard to breakdown and longer to sustain energy) than your starches (simple carbohydrates by nature; easy to digest, breakdown, and converted to energy or fat) still is among the workable ways to lose extra pounds.

That’s the reason why some fad dieters go into carbohydrate-abstinence – they get rid of rice or pasta in their meals. Losing all the carbohydrates isn’t helpful all the time.

Remember, they are still the fastest way to get energy. Putting limits to carbohydrates is different from total withdrawal from carbohydrates.

  • Understanding Exercise

8 hours a day, 7 times a week in a gym is not a healthy exercise regimen. Exercise is supplemental. It isn’t your life.

What you need is to work on an exercise program which you think you can stick with for a long time. Getting a professional gym instructor might help you get past the wobbly start in a gym.

swimmingIf hitting the gyms isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. Work on your outdoors-mode. Do swimming, sports, bicycling or rock climbing.

You can always spend an afternoon jog or stroll within your neighborhood. If not, engage yourself in activities such as longboarding, skate boarding or even dancing.

  • The Mindset

Think of the results. Think of consistence. Think of discipline. You can’t start off with weight loss if you think it isn’t necessary. Only then can you find meaning in what you do.

Penile Extensions and the Truth about It

on March 18, 2012

While some men are enticed with the recent models of cars, some men are quite interested with the updates in male enhancement. Let’s face it; sex isn’t the most unlikely thing to forget while you’re on a friend’s house pouring cup over cups of alcohol and tossing playing cards.

Sex means everything to a man, to a woman, to them and to you. Why do you think would many manufacturers and companies invest on male enhancement techniques? It is at its peak. Male consumers like you want to satisfy their needs as far as gratifying sex is concerned.

And penile extenders, girth improvers and the like provide you with options. You can say that medical consultations are also sought. Well, they might have been.

But the increasing over the counter availability of these products opened doors for many walk-in clients who would want to resolve personal issues on their own.

Why Penis Extenders are such HITS?

Can you remember the basic law of supply in demand way back in you high school? Was it the subject Economics? Principally, what you see in the market is a response of the market towards your demands.

If you need food, the market will provide food at a cost that would bring both parties profitable gain. Similarly, companies producing male enhancement products increase in number and product variations simply because you buy these products and you demand for more.

FYI: Male enhancement companies nets over $900 million as an annual profit. That’s all thanks to you.

What is Penis Extension Again? Is it synonymous to Male Enhancement?

Penis extension is a sub category of male enhancement. Though the former refer to improvement of length while the latter refer to improvements in length, girth, size and functionality; they are often used interchangeably in many articles online and offline.

All in all, they both refer to any strategy, technique or product which you can use to improve the appearance of your penis.

Male enhancement is a process which was discovered for therapeutic use. The main reason it was publicized and plugged in the market years ago was to address many issues associated with sexual performance.

Pills, then, weren’t the hottest picks in the market as they weren’t introduced until the recent years. Basically, if you would want to have bigger dicks, you will have to work on pumps and stretching devices.

viagraThe introduction of Viagra in the market allayed many concerns about sexual performance. The medication was primarily used to treat pulmonary hypertension but its side effect (vasodilation) temporarily increases blood circulation into the penis creating a seemingly larger and better penis.

What’s the Additional Fuss?

What consumers want is permanence. It’s something that many pumping devices and Viagra can’t offer altogether. The average 5-7-inch isn’t working out for many male clients wanting to give their partner a sweeping bedroom intimacy.

Pills can’t guarantee lifelong resolution. Pumps and physical devices might not thoroughly give your endeavor justice. Surgical procedures might be the only realizable option then.

Pointers for Sorting Out a High Quality Electronic Cigarette from the Bad Ones

on December 13, 2011

There are a lot of affordable electronic cigarettes to be found on the Internet these days, and if one actually does a ton of research, affordable e-cigs can be stumbled upon on reliable websites.

However, one has to keep in mind that there a few things that need further looking into, especially when it comes to availing of inexpensive electronic cigs.

They are quite common nowadays, and many of them often come being sold at prices below what people expect, which is always a good thing. However, one should also take note that prices are cheap when the materials used are also quite cheap.

Some manufacturers actually have assembly lines which aren’t all that good to begin with, and are pretty much really bad knock-offs of much more expensive brands.

nicotine gums and patchFor those who have long wanted to quit smoking yet can’t really deal with nicotine gums and patches, often missing the sensation of sucking & blowing smoke, they’ll have to look into the following pointers.

  1. If a website actually sells these e-cigs directly from their websites, it’s pretty much an obvious giveaway that they’re not all that reliable to begin with. These cheap knock-offs may just end up getting ruined in a few short weeks, making them really bad investments.
  2. It is important to check if the electronic cigs being advertised actually have the logo of the company selling them. If it says nothing more than just “electronic cigarette” and pretty much looks like it’s made of plastic, one should stay away from them. These companies may have spent little money in ensuring low quantities were purchased.
  3. It would also be important for people to check and see if the company actually provides customer service support, offering a toll free number which users can contact anytime they have problems with the e-cig. If some parts are broken, and one would want to take advantage of spares, customer service is the first thing that’ll pop in their heads, and a company without one is simply not to be trusted at all.
  4. It is also essential that these companies offer warranties in the event that their product has broken down on them rather quickly. Cheap e-cigs can certainly ruin one’s hopes of trying to quit smoking for good, especially if the company doesn’t cover any defects caused in manufacturing or even through the delivery of the product. When warranties are covered, one can simply guarantee that the company is reliable and provides products which will continue seeing support from them.

These are just some of the factors t hat people need to think about if they wish to purchase an electronic cigarette. Even if they’re cheap, one has to ensure that they’re of high quality.

It is certainly not worth having to spend a ton of money on cheap electronic cigs that are just going to get ruined even after a week of use. Besides, one wishes to get the best for their buck all the time.

100% Effective Male Enhancement Exercises

on June 13, 2011

It can really be daunting to a man to have to live with a small penis. It not only will be a source of low self esteem, but can also affect the way he performs in bed with his partner during the lovemaking process.

It also kind of makes him feel bad when he hits the shower rooms at the gym and simply notices that all his other peers have significantly larger appendages than him, although there are no homoerotic undertones in such an observation.

It does lead to lessened confidence levels, and the fear that his partner may end up laughing at him for having such a tiny penis can be really degrading. However, this isn’t something that men have to live with for the rest of their lives.

As a matter of fact, male enhancement is very much possible, although not in the most obvious way that most guys would expect.

While the presence of several pills, extenders and other penis enlargement products is very much noticeable in the market these days, they can surely cost a lot. At times, it would be much better to take the natural route, since this would be guaranteed as safer.

By no means is this a discussion on herbal supplements, but simply about the application of certain penis exercises that can help a man see quite a sizeable improvement over time.

Results are certain to be quite pleasing, especially when there’s a whole lot of dedication and effort put into it.

With that in mind, below are just a few of the most effective exercises for increasing a man’s penis size.

  1. jelqingJelqing is considered as the most recognizable form of penis exercise, and simply involves massaging the penis repeatedly, almost in a “milking” manner, while it is partially erect. One performs does technique simply by putting the hands in the “okay” position, with the thumb and fore finger touching each other. One simply starts “milking” his penis from its base all the way up to the tip. Once this is done, the other hand should do the same on the penis as well. This technique actually helps improve blood circulation as well as increase penis size over time.
  2. Static stretch holds are also another form of penis exercise which has proven quite dramatic in results. One can simply perform this method by holding the penis to the point where it looks outstretched. This position should be held for a few seconds, after which the man should let go of his penis. Once a few minutes of pause have passed, he can simply do the move all over again.
  3. The warm-up and cool-down using a hot towel may not be considered as an exercise per se, although it does help in improving one’s chances of seeing positive results when the two exercises above are performed. It is akin to a warm up routine that people usually do before they engage in workouts at the gym. This should be done in order to render the static stretch hold and jelging effective.

These are three exercises for male enhancement which can guarantee such satisfying results.

How To Impregnate Women Despite Low Sperm Count

on January 13, 2011

It is necessary for you to understand that when it comes to impregnating a woman, the quality and count of your sperm would matter.

This is due to the fact that during reproduction, the stronger the sperms are, the better that one would survive out of them to unite with the egg cell of a woman.

Moreover, if they have better or normal count, you could increase the possibilities of impregnating your woman. In that case, if you want to assure that you would have a baby, you should also focus on your sperm count.

However, not all males have high sperm count. Most of the time, the cause of the low sperm count is the stress encountered by men. Obviously, stress helps in deteriorating the production of hormones in your body.

Moreover, it could be caused by the exposure to certain chemicals, which could abundantly be found on places where males go to.

There are times that the treatment options for low sperm count could work. Nonetheless, the possibility of failing is also equal to the probability of success. In that case, you have to be prepared enough with alternatives.

To give you few tips in impregnating a woman with low sperm count, here are few of the ones you could employ:

  • Consume supplements.

You should remind yourself that as much as possible, you still live a healthy lifestyle despite your low sperm count. You should avoid leisure substances, alcohol drinking, as well as smoking.

Basically, by doing so, you would be able to avoid complications in your sperm quality and motility. Moreover, if you continue drinking alcohol as well as drugging, you would just impose negative effects on your sperm.

  • Avoid saunas.

If you have a low sperm count, you should give way to understanding that lowering it more would even cause more problems. In that case, you should subject yourself in refraining from strong temperatures.

Make sure to avoid saunas or environments that could alter the cool temperature of your testicles. Be reminded that your testicles should be kept cooler compared to other parts of your body.

  • Maintain your normal bodyweight.

Make it possible to maintain the right level of your weight. This is due to the fact that above or below normal weight could have a great impact on your sperm count.

This is driven by the fact that your production of testosterone is greatly influenced by how your body works generally.

  • Exercise regularly.

exercisingYou should loosen up your stress all the time. Always bear in mind that despite your low sperm count, there is still a possibility of completely lowering your sperm count in its critical level.

In that case, you need to keep your body moving and continuously producing healthy amounts of hormones.

The above tips for your health would work well in order to keep you having positive vibes and expectations in starting a family.

In addition to this, even though you have a low sperm count, by following the instructions above, you would be able to prevent irregularities of your sperm cell.